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Africa Environment Information Network (AEIN)

What is AEIN?

  The Africa Environmental Information Network (AEIN) is a multi-stakeholder capacity building process that aims to harness and enhance access to information and knowledge to support the management of Africa's environmental resources as assets for sustainable development.


"to strengthen the capacity of African countries to use good quality information on environmental assets to make informed investment choices at sub-national and national levels, and manage these assets on a sustainable basis".


Africa Environment Information Network (AEIN) is a direct outcome of the AEO process, a response to political and technical needs expressed by African Ministers of Environment, who endorsed the AEO process at the 9th Session of AMCEN (1-5 July, 2002) as "a monitoring and reporting tool for sustainable environmental management, as well as to provide a framework for national and sub-regional integrated environmental assessment and reporting."

The Ministers also called, under declaration 13, for the establishment of "the Africa Environment Information Network to promote access to, and harmonisation of data in the Africa region, and act as a basis for tracking environmental changes using quantitative indicators focusing on national needs . In this respect AEIN is designed, first and foremost, to build capacity for
integrated environmental assessments and reporting at the country level. As an outcome of this capacity building activity, AEIN will provide data and information support to the AEO process. AEIN will thus directly support the AEO production process, and will provide regular support to the implementation of AMCEN's programmes